09 July, 2013

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The judge in George Zimmerman's murder trial will allow testimony about Trayvon Martin's toxicology results that show the teenager had used marijuana.

Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Martin in Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012. He told police that night that the teenager looked suspicious and that there had been several break-ins in the neighborhood. The two got into a physical altercation, and Zimmerman said he was forced to draw his gun and kill Martin.

Zimmerman's attorney Don West said Monday the medical examiner says that THC from marijuana would have had some effect on Martin's thinking. He also points out that Zimmerman said Martin looked like he was on "drugs or something."

The defense told Judge Debra Nelson it plans to have a witness testify on this matter Tuesday. Nelson said the prosecution will have a chance to cross-examine t he witness and call rebuttal witnesses.

Also Monday, a group of defense witnesses testified about the 911 call made the night Martin died. It has become a key point of contention in the case. Five witnesses said that they recognized the screams on the 911 call as Zimmerman's voice.

If the jury believes Zimmerman was screaming on the 911 call, it could buttress his claim that he was forced to shoot the teenager in self-defense. On the other hand, if the jury believes Martin was screaming on the 911 call, the jury may decide Zimmerman murdered the teenager.

The trial will go into its 11th day on Tuesday.

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